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How to setup a DNS Set at Moniker Video Tutorial

How to setup a DNS Set at Moniker Video Tutorial

You can create DNS templates in your Moniker account.

With a DNS Template you can update the DNS of several domains at once.

To create a new DNS set, click "DNS Templates" under "SETTINGS".


Then click on "Add a new DNS template".


As soon as you have provided a name for your DNS template, click Verify changes and Save changes.

After you did so, your new DNS template will become available in the list of DNS templates.

Click "Add another root domain to this DNS template" (1).

On the next screen you can configure all required source records (e. g. A records, MX records,...).

You can furthermore add a sub-domain-configuration to your new DNS template.

To do so click "Add another subdomain to this DNS template" (2).


Please note:

If you change something in a DNS templates, it will affect only the DNS templates and not any domain that is already using the configuration of that DNS templates.

Please configure all the DNS settings you want to have in your DNS templates and then click "Verify changes".


Please note:
There is merely a syntax check. The functionality of the DNS template will not be tested.

If everything is ok you can save your DNS template by clicking on "Save changes" (4).

You can access the DNS template through your list of DNS templates if you want to change something at a later point in time.


Under DNS-Sets you can create additional DNS templates (1).

For existing DNS templates the configuration is displayed (2 / 3) and can be modified.


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