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General Information

Setup and configuration of your webspace can be easily done via your customer account. Please click on HOSTING -> Webspace Admin.

The overview provides you already with many useful information. You find the webspace ID or name in the column Webspace .

You can assign or change the webspace name via the Stift.png icon. This makes the management of multiple webspaces easier.

The webspace status is displayed in column. The status StatusActive.png shows that the webspace is enabled and can be used. The status StatusRequested.png shows that you have ordered a webspace but not yet paid the invoice. Thus, the webspace cannot be used.

The total capacity (size) of the webspace is displayed. It is not possible to join or to split individual webspaces.

You can see the current utilization (total quota) of the individual webspace. The load factor is displayed in percentage terms.

The current expiration date is displayed, too. The renewal invoice is created exactly ten days before expiration.

Please note:

If the renewal invoice is not paid in time the webspace will be deactivated and deleted at a later date.
Please contact our support in case of cancellation and deactivation. Thus, a new invoice can be created.

Webspace Details / Create vHost

By clicking on a webspace you get to the webspace details where you find many detailed information and functions.

In addition to the previously displayed information you can configure the PHP.ini , import backups or edit the database.

The feature Assign web directory & domain / subdomain enables you to create vHosts and FTP accounts as well as a connection in the DNS. If you create a vHost for the www-sub-domain "" you should afterwards assign the root domain "" to the same directory.

Alternatively you can configure a DNS forwarding (forwarding to external website / URL) for "" that points to "".

It is possible to divide the webspace into directories by using the feature Directory. Thus, you can provide different content for diffent domains.

The FTP password is freely selectable. Please use a sufficiently long and secure password and change it regularly.

After you have entered all details for the creation of a FTP account, please click on Verify changes and Save changes.

Successfully created FTP accounts / vHosts are displayed on the very bottom of the page webspace details.

This overview shows the web directory and the subdomain(s) assigned to this directory.

Please note:

moniker webspaces are capable of multiple domains. Thus, you can connect unlimited (sub-)domains of your account with your webspace. This is only limitated by the available webspace size.

If you want to disconnect a domain from a webspace please delete the content first (via FTP) before deleting the FTP account. Otherwise, the FTP account will be deleted, but the content is still available on the webspace and consumes space.


By clicking on the configuration link within the Webspace Admin or directly via the HOSTING menu you get to the database(s) connected with your webspace(s).


Upload Content

Please use any FTP client (FTP = File Transfer Protocol) to transfer your content/websites to our web server.

FTP clients are available as freeware versions, browser add-ons, etc. Some software programs for designing webpages include FTP clients.

Please ensure that you have entered the following settings in your FTP client:

FTP server: Your (sub-) domain name / (*) alternatively: IP address of the webserver
FTP user: Your (sub-) domain name
FTP password: Your secret FTP password
FTP port: 21

If it's a newly created FTP account please use the IP address of the webserver as FTP server name instead of the (sub-) domain name.
The reason is that DNS queries may not yet resolve as desired (delay in the DNS).

(*) You find the IP address of the webserver within the Webspace Admin. Please click on the detail icon Symbol4.png.

Optionally, the connection can be encrypted (SSL/TLS). This setting is recommended for security reasons.

Our web-servers do support FTPS (FTP over SSL). Our web-servers do NOT support SFTP (FTP over SSH).

Please note: After the FTP connection has been established successfully you find yourself in the directory created for the domain.
It is NOT required to create again the directory specified under Webspace Admin after the FTP connection has been established because you are already in the relevant directory.
Now, please transfer the files via the FTP client.
An index file (index.php, index html, etc.) must be located at the top level. Otherwise, you will receive a "forbidden" message when you try to browse the webpage.

Delete Content

You can delete all the content from your webspace at once. In case you want to delete all the content from your webspace, it is good to have an FTP account that points to the root directory ("/").

If you do not have such an ftp account yet, you can create one under "Assign Web-Directories&Domains/Subdomains". Per example ", that points to the root directory ("/").

As soon as you connect with that FTP user, all files and sub-directories in your webspace will be shown and can be deleted if required.

Please note:

It is not possible to delete the folders with your weblogs and webstats because both of the folders are write-protected.

Through an FTP account that points to the root directory (/), you will be able to access and manage all sub-directories in that webspace.


The web statistics for your domains are available via http using the following URL:


The URL must be adapted accordingly (domain) and the final slash is essential.

A password is required to access the web statistics. Please use FTP user and FTP password as credentials.

The webspace statistics are updated only once a day (at 0:00).
Details at:

Log Files

Log files are available via http by using the following URL:


The URL must be adapted accordingly and the final slash is essential.

For access please use the correct FTP credentials.

Webspace Upgrade

If you want to extend the size of your webspace please send an e-mail to

A webspace upgrade via the customer interface is not possible. An overview of all webspace packages can be found here:


When upgrading only the difference to the existing package price will be charged for the relevant remaining period.

Generally, larger webspace packages are available. If necessary, please contact our support team:

Let's Encrypt - Free SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt is a free Moniker feature that will allow you to set up to 50 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates per web hosting package. SSL is a protocol that provides secure data transfer between the web server and the browser. A number of certificates will depend on the size of your web hosting package.

5GB = 5 certificates
10GB = 10 certificates
25GB = 25 certificates
50GB = 50 certificates

How to activate your free certificate

To activate your free certificate click on Hosting in the left main menu. Then, click on your hosting package from the list. To the right under Let’s Encrypt click the activate button.


Once activated, you will be able to access your domain using https protocol.

Example: https: //

Please allow between 1 – 2 hours for activation.

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