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General Information

As of now new gTLDs may be registered bindingly. Become part of the new Internet era and secure your favorite domain under a new gTLD now.

In the coming years more than 700 new domain extensions will be launched. The new TLDs represent regions or cities, e.g. .AFRICA, .LONDON, .PARIS, Communities, e.g. .GAY, .CPA, .HOTEL, as well as generic terms, such as .SPORT, .WEB, .HOME, .SHOP, .MUSIC etc. The landscape of the Internet will change considerably and many new generic name spaces with attractive domain names will be created.

Moniker offers non-binding and free pre-orders as well as registrations of more than 700 new gTLDs.

Details on the available new gTLDs can be found here:

Non-binding and free pre-orders

You can register a new gTLD in your account.

Affer you have logged into your account, please click on „Register new domain“ (1), enter your desired domain name into the search field (2) and click on „Search“ (3).
If the price is accounted as 0.00 USD as in our example above (4) this means that no start date and/or price is/are available for this new gTLDs so far.
In this case you can submit a non-binding pre-order. For doing so, please add the domain to the cart (5) and click on the button "Your Shopping cart" (6)

If a price is displayed you can submitt a binding pre-order for the doman name in the same way.


Now you are in your shopping cart: The status points out that the information is complete (1) and the price is 0.00 USD (2) (non-binding pre-order). If you want to pre-order the domain non-bindingly, please confirm our terms and conditions and the indication of the right of withdrawal (3) and click on the button „Buy now“ (4) to complete the purchase process.

The fact that you have submitted a non-binding pre-order (pre-registration) is displayed in the menu of your customer area.

You can delete the non-binding pre-order(s) at any time.


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